Commercial Lease

You get your
bank deposit back

Changes in the acceptance of guarantees

Nowadays, both Landlords and Agents are increasingly willing to accept rental guarantees without deposits. This enables you to recover the guarantee you deposited with your bank.

How it works ?

Informing the other party

You just need to inform your Landlord / Estate Agent that you wish to get your deposit back.

After acceptance

When your Landlord / Estate Agent agrees, you can take out a deposit-free rental guarantee (= deposit).

Upon receipt

When you receive your guarantee certificate, you send it to your Landlord / Estate Agent who will then let you take out your deposit.

By subscribing to a WEB Caution rental guarantee:

  • You get your money and can invest it in your company for example
  • You can find out the cost of the annual deposit insurance premium immediately
  • You have chosen the most innovative guarantee company in the sector
  • You’ll join the WEB Caution community and get some great benefits
  • You can be sure you are working with an experienced, reliable partner.

Do you want to get your bank guarantee back and have free use of your money?

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