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WEB Caution is an application developed by the Swiss company, Expert Caution SA (CHE-151.719.125).


Established in 2016 by specialists with more than 20 years of experience in rental guarantees, Expert Caution offers a range of services dedicated mainly to the real estate market.

Expert Caution

Expert Caution has revamped the model for guarantee companies. More than a just provider of rental guarantee certificates, guarantee providers must offer real value for the entire market, from the landlord to the tenant, from the property agent to the insurance company.


In the age of digitisation, the processes used by guarantee companies, as with real estate agencies, must be rethought. Ultimately, their model will have to be redefined to meet future market standards.

Applied to the IT system of real estate agency management services, WEB Caution has blown the dust off current standards in the management of rental guarantees.

Automation of troublesome tasks. Tenants and property managers no longer have to worry about completing insurance affiliation forms.

This saves time, especially for property managers, who can avoid administrative tasks and spend more time looking after their properties and tenants.

Our offer: WEB Caution

This application, developed at the end of 2015, allows us to respond to the challenges that we face:

Complete automation of the value chain

Computerised risk assessment

Insurance certificate generated instantly

Saving time for all parties


Expert Caution provides landlords and property agents with services, in particular IT services, to automatically manage rental guarantees for private residential leases.

Landlords and property agents benefit from the online WEB application for deposit-free rental guarantees. It is implemented with the assistance of the parties’ IT departments.

Recurring Payments

Collaboration is non-exclusive. It offers recurring and attractive compensation rates, without competition in the market.

The remuneration paid by Expert Caution is considered as an indemnity paid to the Property Agent for its involvement in the in-house management of the rental guarantee. The remuneration received enables the Property Agent to cover its processing costs for tenants who have signed up for WEB Caution insurance.


WEB Caution rental guarantees are insured by Generali Assurances Générales SA, the risk bearer. Generali is a multi-office insurance company and a leading provider of property and goods insurance in Switzerland. It is approved by FINMA in the field of guarantee insurance (B15).